What Makes KARAT WORLD Different from the Rest

Throughout history, jewelry has occupied a significant place among cultures around  the world.  Each piece can hold countless stories of grandeur, love and tradition for  their wearer. 

Today,  KARAT  WORLD  continues  to  celebrate  the  timelessness  of  jewelry  in  the  contemporary age. 

Distinct designs.  KARAT WORLD takes pride in curating unique pieces that honors  the  craftsmanship  of  jewelry  making.  Our  collections  are  composed of  natural  materials  and  undergo  strict  quality  control  and  selection  to  ensure  that  our  customers receive only the best. 

Reasonable  prices.    KARAT WORLD  has  earned  its  place  as  one  the  Philippines’  leading  homegrown  jewelry  brands  by  providing  beautiful pieces  at  affordable  prices.    With  each  jewelry  priced  a  piece,  we  remain  committed  to  giving  our  customers worthwhile purchases. 

Specialized services.  Beyond our extensive jewelry collection, KARAT WORLD also  offers  production  of  custom  designs  and  engraving  services. These  reflect  our  commitment to providing pieces that truly suit our customers. 

Dedicated  team  of  local  talent.   With  over  30  years  of  retail experience, KARAT  WORLD has established itself as a brand driven by a talented and devoted team.  We  give customers the best possible purchase experience from start to finish – whether  in store, online, or through our trusted e-commerce partners.