CCTV Privacy Policy

By entering KARAT WORLD’s premises, it is understood that you agree to our CCTV Privacy Policy.

This CCTV Privacy Policy is designated to inform you of the scope of personal information that Karat World collects through its CCTV cameras and your rights, in relation to that information.

Information Collected and Purpose

Karat World has CCTV recording and monitoring capabilities at designated areas, capturing videos/images of employees, customers and properties, in order to assist with the security and safety of the persons and properties therein.

Security and Sharing of Information

Karat World takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected is protected against misuse, unauthorized access or loss. We restrict access to this information to authorized Karat World employees only and to those individuals, who by law or Karat World policy, need access to such information in performing its duties in protecting the safety and security of all persons and property within its premises.

Karat World shall store CCTV footages and images only when there is a lawful order from the court of law or a regulatory agency requiring us to preserve such CCTV footages/images.

Similarly, we shall only replicate a copy of portions of CCTV footages/images from its records only when there is a lawful order from a court of law or regulatory agency requiring Karat World to produce the same. Please take note that we will limit our compliance to what is stated in the lawful order.

Rights to Access Information 

If Karat World CCTV cameras record you, you may view the footage/image capturing you or your property, as long as the footage/image is available and has been approved by Management for viewing of such footage. Unauthorized recording of CCTV footage/image is prohibited.  Karat World may take measures, including confiscation of recording devices and deletion of unauthorized recordings, to enforce this policy. Legal action may also be taken against violators.

To view the CCTV footage/image that relates to you, please send a letter of request addressed to the Data Protection Officer, indicating the following:

  • Purpose of the request;
  • Date of CCTV footage/image;
  • Time of CCTV footage/image; and 
  • If you will be accompanied by a law enforcement representative, the name/s of the officer/s or agent/s and the corresponding authorization why the officer/s or agent/s will view the CCTV footage/image. 

The CCTV footage/image will be stored in Karat World’s secured and encrypted servers for up to (20 days) only.  There is no guarantee that this information or the footage/image will be still available by the time you need to access it, if beyond the 20-day period.  We will ensure protection of the CCTV footages/images against any unlawful interference or interception, unauthorized access by recording, copying, viewing, accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, and disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing.  Access logs for the CCTV footage/image shall be updated on a regular basis, including reproductions, transfers and access request.

In instances that our CCTV cameras are under maintenance, there will be no CCTV footages/images that will be recorded at such time.

This policy shall be posted in a conspicuous location in Karat World.  We reserve the right to amend, enhance, and add to this CCTV privacy policy, based on our regular evaluation. It is your responsibility to check our policies periodically for any changes.

Changes and/or updates to this privacy policy

Karat world may amend this Privacy Policy at any given time, in its sole discretion.  Any changes, additions, deletions, amendments or modification to this Privacy policy shall be posted in our stores. It will be your duty and responsibility to read and understand such amendments.  Continued use of our services, after the effective date of any amendment, constitutes your conformity to comply and be bound by such amendments.

In case of inquiries about this policy, please contact the Data Privacy Officer through

Data Privacy Policy

By availing KARAT WORLD’s products and services, you agree with our Data Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal Information is any recorded information that can directly or indirectly identify an individual, such as name, address, e-mail address, birthdate, age, credit card information, and contact numbers.

Providing personal information is necessary for our services. If you choose not to provide it, we may be unable to offer you our products, services, or respond to inquiries. By providing your information, you consent to our collection, lawful use, proper access, processing, and storage by Karat World, its employees, agents, and third-party providers for service performance, payment processing, product purchase, inquiry responses, activity participation, and product promotion. You also consent to sharing your information within the scope of our services and this privacy policy.

Purpose of Using and Storing Personal Information

The personal information we collect from you shall be used: (i) to contact you; (ii) to respond to your inquiries; (iii) to invite you to events; (iv) to reward and recognize top clients, when applicable; (v) to develop our products, and (vi) to inform you of our products and services, whether at our stores or on-line.  We shall store information collected as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or as law requires us.

Third-Party Agents

We will only share your personal information with third parties (outside Karat World, its affiliates and other third-party service providers), which may use your personal information to send you information and marketing materials about their product and services with your express consent.

Protection of Personal Information

Karat World secures your personal information by storing documents and forms in suitable containers found at secured locations, when not in use.

Integrity and Retention of Personal Information

We retain your personal information only as necessary, to fulfill the purposes outlined in this policy, unless law requires a longer retention period.

Rights to Access Information 

You may amend, add, update, or request the deletion of your personal information by informing our staff. Deleted information cannot be retrieved.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Karat World may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be posted in stores, and continued use of our services after changes take effect, signifies your agreement to comply with the updated policy.

In case of inquiries about this policy, please contact the Data Privacy Officer through