7 Different Engagement Rings and Where to Buy Them | Loved by Filipinas!

The tradition of putting a ring on it has been present since the mid-1400s that originated from a Roman custom, but it wasn’t until the late 19th Century that the diamonds were discovered in South Africa. And since then, the idea of using real diamonds to pop the question became more and more mainstream.

Diamonds are among the hardest materials in the world; and to many, it has always been the ultimate symbol of rarity, elegance, and uniqueness. Karat World offers multiple selections of diamond engagement rings and custom made engagement rings, from princess round to heart cuts to diamond-studded ones. Their aim is to cater to all types of individuals who have their own distinctive style and vision.

Those who prefer pretty and simple diamond rings will definitely appreciate the charm of the above selections - Bettina, Marisse, and Stella. And for those who want to choose among a more elaborate set of styles, the below selection will surely quench your thirst for more edge - Nadine, Pauline, Annika, and Carry.

At the end of the day, even if an engagement ring will be one of the most personal purchases you will ever make or one of the most sentimental things you will ever wear, what remains the most important is your commitment to the person you offered it to or received it from.