Stop Guessing! 5 hacks to find your partner’s ring size

There is no surefire way of getting your partner’s ring size for a proposal, engagement ceremony, birthdays or anniversaries. However, we have 5 hacks that might work for you to make sure your surprise is unforgettable!
Existing Ring
If you’re planning for a surprise proposal, one way to get your partner’s ring size is to get his or her existing ring. If you know that the ring fits perfectly on the right ring finger, you could sneak out for a couple of hours to get the ring measured by Karat World ring experts.

Call a Friend or a Mother
In case method #1 didn’t work, don’t be distressed as you can call your partner’s mom as they might have a “secret heirloom” ring lying around somewhere. Phone a friend or anyone close who might know their ring size.

Fake Shopping
Of course, if you’re planning for a surprise engagement proposal you’ll need an excuse to get your partner in a jewelry store. It might get suspicious, so you could ask your partner’s friend to take him or her shopping instead.

Pay Attention
Pay attention as your partner might be leaving clues for you, especially if they have a specific engagement ring in mind. For your engagement planning, their might be times when your partner want to try on a ring at Karat World jewelry stores.

String Sizer
Slip a string or a ribbon around their finger as they sleep, using this engagement surprise planning method can have an approximate measurement to bring to Karat World jewelry stores.