4-step to Proposal Planning and Getting Engaged

So, you have finally come to your senses and realized the she or he’s the one for you! The process of proposing can feel a bit hefty, but luckily for you, Karat World is here to make sure that your planning goes as smooth as possible.

Is your partner ready for you to propose?

Your partner may have been secretly dropping hints for a while now, and you just haven’t noticed! If your girlfriend or boyfriend has been talking about her friend’s engagements and has been dreaming about a specific wedding and Karat World engagement ring cuts, your partner is trying to tell you that they are ready without being too obvious.

Should you ask your partners parents before you propose?

Parents have a special bond with their children and its not easy to let go of a child. If you can muster the courage to tell them your engagement proposal plans, you wills surely feel incredible afterwards!

Is it ideal to propose in front of families and friends? 

We know that’s a lot of pressure, and no matter how sure you are that your partner will say yes, your partner might want to keep the moment private and special. Think carefully about your relationship and your partners relationship to his/her families and friends!

Get the appropriate engagement ring for  your partner

Karat World offers a wide variety of engagement rings that is perfect for your proposal! From white gold to yellow gold, we’re proud to be a leader in expertly crafted diamond rings that celebrates love in all forms.



Still Nervous?

Relax. Go grab a drink!  Whatever way you ask your partner will be perfect!