A Karat for everyone

There’s a Karat World piece for every style and occasion.

Jewelry can be intimidating. Maybe you find it “too much.” Maybe your budget is limited. Maybe one unflattering try-on discouraged you from jewelry forever.

Yet there’s no denying that jewelry can mean something more. It can mark a milestone or remind you of a beloved memory. It allows you to express yourself without having to say a word. It’s just so beautiful, and sometimes, a little bit of beauty is just what you need.

For over 30 years, the homegrown premium jewelry chain store Karat World has sourced and curated jewelry at the best price points.

“We aim to redefine luxury, specifically the fine jewelry industry, as we envision that every Filipino has access to fine jewelry that provides them worth and is handed down (among generations),” says Karat World president Felix S. Gorriceta III.

But if it’s a styling issue that you’re worried about, read on. Whether you’re worried about making a faux pas or unsure about how to find that one piece you’ll wear forever, I have you covered.

Just like finding your soulmate shade of lipstick, there’s a formula to finding the right metal that will accentuate your undertone.

First, flip up your wrists and check the color of your veins. Blue and violet veins mean you have a cool undertone. Green and olive will show up for those on the warm side. If you see both blue and green, that means you have neutral undertones.

Morenas have warm undertones, and classic gold makes them glow while rose gold reflects a hint of blush.

Mestizas have cool undertones and look more radiant with yellow or white gold.

Chinitas have neutral undertones. That means their skin tones don’t clash with any precious metal.

The best piece of jewelry is the one that you like and looks good on you. Luckily, Karat World has a wide assortment.

New to layering?

It is now cool again to mix your white gold with your yellow gold. You can even pile them on for your stack. Daring types even mix their timeless gold and dainty pearls with edgy costume pieces and more humble souvenirs. Kitschy name and initial pendants and lockets are making a comeback, too.

There are two ways to go about it. You can wear understated pieces to draw attention to a statement piece. Of course, you don’t have to wear the full suite if your favorite piece came in one.

Or don’t hold back. You can wear all that you love close to your heart and express yourself. The secret to keeping it chic is to pile them on at varying lengths and thicknesses. Think choker, princess and matinee lengths. Bangles with bracelets. Bands with stacking rings.

Or go minimalist.

For some looks, a simple piece alone can be the statement, as in a plain button-down and a bracelet. I wear one that I never take off.

Consider your outfit’s neckline when picking a necklace.

The thing with choosing a necklace is it’s meant to draw attention to your face by highlighting the graceful curve of your neck. The neckline of your outfit does that too, so you don’t want both to clash.

The on-trend square neckline is best complemented with collars to longer chokers that graze the collarbone. Anything longer breaks the neckline’s angular shape, making it look messy.

V-necks and that effortless unbuttoned button-down look shine with a lariat necklace’s Y shape or a V necklace.

A tube or a turtleneck is basically a free-for-all. With the exception of a collar length for turtlenecks, you can layer them. Even go as dramatic as a rope length.

Keep the place and occasion in mind.

In the same way that we match our outfits with where we’re going, you must keep it in mind with jewelry, too.

Off to the office? Diamond or gold studs and pendant necklaces don’t break the dress code in your everyday workwear.

Bring out the fun pieces for night-outs. A sparkly drop earring or face-framing hoop earrings catch the light beautifully. They’re that quick confidence boost you need and are sure to start a few conversations.

Honor special occasions with something bolder like a statement necklace to accentuate your gown’s neckline. Draw the eye to your gestures with stacked or cocktail rings. Bangles are back, too, for that effortless ease.

Every day is reason enough to take out the jewels and put on what feels right. There are no rules — these are just tips to make the journey fun. Feel free to break them and make some of your own.


Find a Karat World near you or shop online at karatworld.net.

Source: The Philippine Star