3 Ways to Drop That Big Question And Receive That Big YES!

Getting engaged is one of the most iconic milestones a couple could ever have in their love story. It’s not a surprise that a lot of preparations are also put into it, almost in the same way as the Big Day itself. It can be a grand gesture or a simple one -- the important thing is the moment itself will be one for the books that’ll last a lifetime. 

  1. Involve her closest friends and family

What better way to pop the big question than being surrounded by the people who matter to her the most? You will both remember the moment for the rest of your lives, for sure, but it will definitely have much more of an impact on her than anyone else. 

Plan an intimate dinner in a special venue or a casual lunch at home. Make sure she wouldn’t suspect a thing! Gathering a number of people “without a reason” may be a little suspecting but we believe in your ability to come up with the perfect excuse. Enjoy casual conversations, lead to the main topic, and when the timing is right, make the moment happen. With the rest of her friends and family cheering you both on, for sure that’ll be a milestone to remember!

  1. Make it creative and personal

Is there a game you both love to play? Or perhaps a hobby you enjoy together? It can be as simple as enjoying a movie night or simply having relaxing conversations over coffee. Whatever it is, surely you both enjoy the simplicity yet enjoyable moment. Don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage as well! Find a good time to put the question out there. In this way, she won’t suspect anything at all because it’s already an activity you both casually enjoy frequently!

  1. Have a custom made engagement ring

Make the proposal even more special by tailor-fitting the ring to your future wife’s preferences! Perhaps you can even have a short statement of endearment engraved inside. Maybe you can even have it studded with her birthstone. Whatever it is you may have in mind, there are jewelry specialists who can definitely have it done for your special event!

Karat World has a wide range of options for engagement rings but if nothing fits her taste and personality, you can opt to get in touch with their specialists to create something that’s even more special!

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