I got a great afternoon meet up with the people behind Karat World, they are considered as the best jeweler in our country, they specializes in wedding and engagement ring and also fashionable jewelries. I’m familiar with Karat World as a jewelry brand, but I didn’t know that they are in the business for more than 20 years, operated first in Iloilo and then they operate the largest store here in Luzon. Aside from providing the best selling rings for weddings, they are also good in ring custom design and also personal request. I learned that they can make a custom made ring for 15 days , you can use their extensive design or request to copy an existing design (could be from another brand or a design from your grand parents). 

Karat World store is always ready for you to try and buy the right wedding or engagement ring for you, because they have the ring ready anytime if you need it ASAP. I remembered that me and my wife Lace, shop for our wedding ring, it was difficult because I’m not familiar about jewelries, I wear those silver rings during my college years, its easy to buy my preferred design because it matches my lifestyle and personality (yeah skull and bones rings and lots of scary designs). But for wedding rings, you have to be wise and super sure that you will take home the ring that will symbolize your lifetime bond with your partner. 

Karat World want to be a part of your love story, because that’s were will it all start, from engagement to wedding up to your anniversary and special occasion. At the afternoon meet up in Le Jardin in BGC. Felix Gorriceta III, one of the manager and part-owner of Karat World shared to us that he met a guy who works at a cruise ship, when the guy learned that Felix manages Karat World, the cruise ship guy gave money to Felix and he request that he use the money to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend here in the Philippines, he trusted Felix in the smack of that time, and then Felix bought the ring and added some flowers to the cruise ship guy’s partner in the Philippines. 

Felix mentioned that they are happy to learn that many people knows Karat World and what kind of product they sell. In other story Miss Carry Gorriceta shared too that wedding anniversary rings are in demand in every season, you can buy any type of ring at Karat World from a price of PHP15k up to the expensive line with a price of PHP100k. 
Karat World also mentioned that many newly wed girl remembers the ring and not the wedding dress. 
I’ve seen a girl who giggles a lot when she got a nice Karat World necklace at the event, its cute to see that reaction and I now believe that girls really love jewelries…especially with gold and diamonds. 
During our meet up, we spotted a guy proposed to his girlfriend, we saw the scene outside the function room of Le Jardin, I joked at our group if that was for real and might be stage or some kind of flash mob gimmick, but then I saw that the event is real and they are not part of our meet up with Karat World.

ahhahaha! so cute…its my 2nd time to see a marriage proposal in public. Congratulations and Best wishes to this couple. 
I also learned that Gretchen Barretto is the endorser and muse for Karat World, this was not discussed during our meet up but I’m not sure if I just missed it, because there are times that I’m so busy eating those good macarons of Le Jardin. I did some Google search and I found out that Gretchen is an endorser months ago. 
Felix also mentioned that they are one of the sponsor of the reality tv show called “I do”, they will award the winning couple of a wedding ring based on their preference design. During that day, I texted Kring Elenzano and asked her if they won the contest ahahahhaa. She replied no winner yet and the show is not yet over. I hope Kring and Jimmy win this “I do” contest.
Jewelry and Ring design trends.
Miss Carry shared to us that heart shaped rings are starting to be a trend in design, this is related to the recent engagement of Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero. She said that Karat World have three kinds of line – the regular line, the white line and the diamond line. In this time, she said that yellow gold is starting to become popular again. 
I didn’t got the time to check the price of these diamond wedding rings. I might visit a Karat World store to find out the affordable diamond ring. 
from Karat World ---- Experiencing love over the years, Karat World is dedicated in creating more memories with you and The One. As you promise a lifetime of commitment and loyalty, take with you a piece from Karat World…because you deserve it. 
Karat World is one of the most trusted and leading jewelry brands in the country, celebrating over 20 years of providing everyday fine jewelry for the modern Filipino urbanite on one hand, and offering an extensive selection of Engagement & Wedding Rings, that continues to accompany the best of love stories. 

For more information and updates, visit www.karatworld.net. Follow Karat World on Facebook (www.facebook.com/karatworldph) and on Twitter (@KaratWorldph). 

here are some stock photos or jewelries and rings from Karat World
Wedding ring and necklace for brides 
Karat World launches a new line of rings named after the daughters and grand children of Gorriceta family. Here’s the Bettina white gold ring with diamond 
Bettina yellow gold with diamond
Carry white gold 
more photos below in my gallery 
I hope you enjoyed reading my Karat World story here in my blog. 

Thanks to Karat World for inviting me and be exposed to the world of jewelries. Btw, the 14-k necklace with jewel was given to us as token for our attendance, I gave that to my wife Lace and she’s so happy to see this when I arrived home that day.