#BNBFINDS: Karat World Engagement Rings


Finally, it’s time. You’re going to ask for your girlfriend’s hand for marriage. You’ve been planning so long for this and are nervous about popping the question. But among all the other preparations, you’re also looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring–the prettiest and most romantic symbol of commitment there is. And of course, you’re searching for the one that will suit the personality of your better half.
Karat World‘s newest collection of engagement rings might just be what you’re looking for. For the men looking for ideas, you’re in for a treat today. Each one of these rings will definitely catch your eye, but only one will catch her heart–and that’s for you to find out!
And for the ladies daydreaming about their engagement ring pegs, maybe you can start sharing this so your man can take a hint! I hope you all enjoy checking out these gorgeous gems below!
Bettina – Traditional round cut diamond engagement ring. Perfect for the lady with a classic taste.
Marisse – Round cut diamond engagement ring where the diamond sits on a clean wedding band. If you’re into simple and minimalist jewelry, this one’s for you!
Pauline – Round cut diamond engagement ring with diamond side stones. For the bride-to-be who’s into beautiful details.
Carry – Round cut diamond engagement ring with two diamonds on each side. If your lady adores all things elegant, this is for her!
Nadine – Round cut diamond engagement ring surrounded by diamonds. Obviously for the girl who just adores diamonds!
Annika – Princess cut diamond engagement ring with diamond side stones for an extra touch. For everyone dreaming to be a princess on their wedding day.
Stella – Heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. Perfect for those who are traditional yet want to be a bit different.
Aren’t they just gorgeous? We hope the ring you end up choosing will light up her face and make her say a resounding yes! Enjoy engagement ring shopping!
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