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  • PHP 5,025.00
    PHP 10,050.00
    14 kt Italian Yellow Gold Loop earring with high quality zircons
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  • PHP 8,940.00
    PHP 17,880.00
    14Kt 2-tone Italian Gold Earrings in twisted design 3.3 grams
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  • PHP 6,375.00
    PHP 12,750.00
    14Kt Italian 2-tone gold loop earring with white gold in dia cut design.( 3.2 grams)
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  • PHP 5,988.00
    PHP 11,975.00
    14Kt Italian Rose Gold Loop Earrings mounted with High Quality Zircons. (2.2 grams)
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  • PHP 4,553.00
    PHP 9,105.00
    14Kt Yellow Gold Earring in Knot Design
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  • PHP 2,758.00
    PHP 5,515.00
    Earrings with pearl, crafted in 14kt yellow solid gold.
    Reduced price!
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  • PHP 1,680.00
    PHP 3,360.00
    Heart earring, crafted in 14kt yellow and white solid gold
    Reduced price!
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