GCash Receiving Mobile Number - 0917 302 0072 

Step 1. Tap Send Money on the GCash dashboard, then tap on Express Send.

Step 2Input the recipient's mobile number. Then input the amount you want to send and a short, optional message (example: For order number 1001). Tap Next.

Step 3. Review the confirmation page to double-check the recipient's GCash name, mobile number, and amount. The recipient's GCash-registered name (the person's first name and first letter of their last name) will appear in bold above.

Please ensure that all the information is correct before confirming your Send Money transaction.

Step 4. Seeing the in-app receipt means that your Send Money was successful. You can save this screenshot to your phone by tapping the save button on the upper right corner.

You will also receive a confirmation SMS from 2882 with your transaction details. The recipient will also receive a confirmation SMS which will contain the optional message.

Step 5. Send your screenshot copy to info@karatworld as your proof of payment.